Our Values

1. 15 years of experience in production of promotional ceramics.

2. Modern equipment and the most up-to-date solutions of decorating porcelain and glass.

3. Dynamic and creative team.

4. High standards of customer service.


The mentioned above features allow us to work with the biggest companies, not forgetting about small or family businesses that are the engine of our business activities. We design and implement orders, which our competitors do not undertake. With the most modern production line for coloring ceramics we offer unparalleled quality at competitive prices. We work for you, and our promotional ceramics and related technologies are our passion. Search for our products in shops with high quality interior design and check our quality. Try us today and order your promotional mugs. Remember that we are not limited by orders in large or small quantities. Potential challenges of a project or a design are not a hindrance for us.

Our Mission

We create the brand Premier Group by providing our customers with products of the highest quality. Producing ceramics we pay attention to the details, which draw attention of the end user. Our work is treated as a challenge. Every single order is important and its implementation in accordance with the parameters of the order is our priority. We are here for our customers.

Promotional mugs are the most effective marketing tool in its budget group and we create products that will successfully represent your company.